There are two ways you can enter P1 or P2.


Tap and go

Hold your bankcard against the designated area for 10 seconds and the barrier will open up for you.
You wont get a parking ticket


Parking ticket

Press the round button and receive a parking ticket.


Are you here only for a day?  Pay your parking ticket in advance, so you can skip the line in the evening.



No more spaces available at P1? Follow the signs to P2.


Parking ticket

There are multiple areas where you can pay for your parking ticket.


  • At P1 there are 4 payment terminals.
  • At P2 there are 3 payment terminals.

Look at the map for the exact locations.


Tap and go


Did you come in with your bankcard?

You can go straight to the exit. Hold the same bankcard against the contactless area at the exit for 10 seconds. The amount that you need to pay will now be debited from your account.

For a receipt press the white round button.



Are you staying 8 days or longer?


You will be over the contactless limit of €50,-. In this case you have to first go to one of the terminals and pay with the same bankcard.
You wont receive a parking ticket but can exit again with the same bankcard.



Scheepspark has 20 charging spaces available.

When an electric car is fully charged the plug will  automatically come loose, in this way someone else can now use the charging point.


Tariff of charging :

Start €0,61 + price per kWh*

*The final charging cost will be decided by your charging provider.


  • There is a height restriction at P1 of 2.25M, at P2 there is no restriction.

  • Camper or trailer? You can park it at P2.

  • 10 spacious disabled parking spaces at P1.

  • Both parking areas are guarded but you park at your own risk.

  • You can not make reservations.

  • We have jumper cables, for further information you can come to the information point.